Setup Team

Arrive at 8:15 am

Setup the Following in order;

1. Signs

    • 1 x Large pop-up sign - Place the pop-up sign on the opposite side of the entrance from the large foyer facing into the main passageway.
    • 2 x Large white signs for outside on either side of the paved area in front of the theatre.
    • 1 x Small arrow sign in the passageway leading to the theatre near the outside entrance door
    • 1 x small sign in the entrance foyer near the welcome table.
    • 1 x Small arrow sign at the far end of passage towards children's church theatre.

2. Toddlers Pen

    • 1 X Toddlers Gated Pen - Place the children's gated pen on the left-hand side to the entrance of the theatre in the indent opening for the other theatre
    • Toy Box - Place the Toy Box in the Toddlers Pen
    • 3 Chairs - Place 3 chairs in the gated pen for parents

3. Chair for Shirley

    • 1 Chair for Shirley inside the theatre

4. Lectern & Coat Rail

    • Lectern with camera stand for speaker
    • Place Coat Rail inside at the entrance passage into the theatre

5. Welcome Team

    • Help Welcome Team with Equipment if necessary

10:45 am

    1. Pack up in Reverse Order
    2. Pack up equipment on Labelled shelves
    3. Take down Signs last

11:00 am

  • Everything back in the storeroom


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